The WPIAL is the owner of the media rights to all play-off and championship contests conducted under its jurisdiction. As a result, the following policies, restrictions, and regulations apply to audio and visual depictions of WPIAL play-off and championship contests. The accounts, descriptions and depictions of such contests are the exclusive property of the WPIAL. WPIAL play-off and championship contests cannot be reproduced, rebroadcast, or used for any other purpose without the express, prior written consent of the WPIAL. As a general rule, still photography, filming, videotaping, audio recording and webcasting are prohibited except as specifically authorized by this policy.

All events broadcast/telecast/webcast on a taped delay basis can originate no earlier than four (4) hours after the scheduled starting time of the event.
A license to broadcast, telecast, webcast, or real-time publishing a WPIAL playoff or championship event shall be subject to the payment of broadcast/telecast rights fees and agreement to other contractual terms and conditions as the WPIAL may require.
Contact must be initiated with the MSA Sports Network (412-362-2000, ext. 2106) for a license to broadcast, webcast or real-time publishing of a WPIAL play-off game. A license will only be granted for preliminary, first round, and quarterfinal play-off games provided rights fees are paid per the WPIAL rights fee schedule and conditions of the MSA Network are met.
Contact must be initiated with the WPIAL Office (412)-921-7181) for a license to televise a play-off game in any sport on a cablecast, commercial television or a community access station.
The broadcasting/telecasting/webcasting/real-time publishing of any event not covered by the WPIAL fee schedule will be subject to individual evaluation with rights fees determined by the WPIAL.
Expenses incurred in the broadcasting/telecasting/webcasting/real-time publishing of any WPIAL athletic event, including payments due to all broadcasters, cameramen and other technical crew, shall be the sole responsibility of the originating radio/television station.
Any unauthorized broadcasts, telecasts, webcasts, or real-time publishing will be subject to legal action by the WPIAL and its licensees. Persons and firms involved in an unauthorized broadcast or telecast will be held liable for all damages and other remedies provided under the law.
Under no circumstances will any commercial or other advertisements, or promotions, for tobacco, alcoholic beverages, gambling, political candidates / parties or organizations be included, associated or connected in any way with the broadcast/telecast of a WPIAL playoff or championship event.
Any radio/television/website/real-time publisher entity that has been granted permission by the WPIAL to broadcast/telecast/webcast/real-time publish a WPIAL event shall be fully and solely responsible for the content of the broadcast/telecast and will defend, save harmless, and indemnify WPIAL and its member schools from any and all claims, demands, suits, liabilities, judgments, and obligations of any kind, which may arise in connection with the broadcast/telecast of the event.
The WPIAL’s purpose in conducting athletic competition is to safeguard and promote the educational values of interscholastic athletics, to cultivate the high ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play, and to protect the welfare of all participants. Accordingly, any radio/television station that has been given permission by the WPIAL to broadcast/telecast/webcast a League event shall use its best efforts to take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that its broadcast/telecast is at all times in keeping with this purpose.
The starting times for all WPIAL playoff or championship athletic events will not be delayed as a result of any broadcast/telecast or webcast.
Rights fees shall be remitted to the WPIAL Office or the game manager prior to the scheduled time of the contest.
An announcement shall be made as part of each broadcast / telecast/webcast/real-time publishing that the rights are the sole and exclusive property of the WPIAL, that the broadcast/telecast/webcast of the game is intended exclusively for the benefit of the broadcast/telecast/webcast audience, and that the use, rebroadcast / retransmission or distribution of a licensed broadcast / telecast/webcast/real-time publishing is prohibited without the express written consent of the WPIAL.
Notwithstanding anything else herein contained, properly credentialed cable and television news stations are permitted a maximum of three (3) minutes of video transmission of WPIAL play-off or championship contests for regularly scheduled newscasts without charge.
Member schools involved in any play-off or championship contest may film or videotape such contest for the school’s non-commercial use only.

Photographs taken at a WPIAL play-off or championship event cannot be used for any commercial purpose unless authorized by the WPIAL.
Photographs taken at a WPIAL play-off or championship event may not be used to review decisions of contest officials.
Photography taken at a WPIAL play-off or championship event by school/team representatives is permitted only for use by the individual school program (specifically yearbooks, school newspapers, other school publications and/or school websites). Resale of the images is prohibited.
Notwithstanding anything else contained herein, authorized members of the media are permitted to take photographs for print and electronic news coverage. Resale of the images is prohibited.
Personal photography taken at a WPIAL play-off or championship event by individuals (parents, and/or spectators) is permissible provided that the photographs are taken from the spectator seating area or other designated photography areas and the resulting images are for private home use and not for any manner of distribution.
No commercial photography outlets will be credentialed unless an Agreement exists in writing between the WPIAL and the commercial photography outlet.
The act of photographing any part of a WPIAL play-off or championship event must not interfere with the conduct of the event or with the view of spectators.

Blogs at a WPIAL play-off or championship contest may not produce any form of “real-time Publishing” unless the “live” rights fee is remitted prior to the event .
B. Blogs are permitted to provide periodic updates regarding the event.
C. Bloggers will not be given space in the press box unless the “Real-Time Publishing”
rights fee is remitted in advance of the tournament.
“Real-Time” publishing is only permitted during the preliminary rounds (pigtail, first round, and quarterfinals) of all tournament events.
E. WPIAL will determine in its sole discretion whether a blog is providing periodic updates as opposed to “real-time publishing” or descriptions of the event.